Amalia Sterescu
Public speaker, outsourcing expert, author
Amalia Sterescu speaks about the importance of being yourself, of being brave and taking chances. Excellence should not be about external standards only, it should come firstly from our inner belief that we can make wonderful things happen. The moments when we feel left out or when we think we are failing, we should use and try to take a stand for ourselves.

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Oluwatoby Ibitoye
Secretary General, Romania, BISMUN- MUN 2015
Oluwatoby Ibitoye is the Secretary General of MUN BISMUN 2015 in Romania and he delivered a very realistic speech on unseen violence: violence which no one speaks of, no one tries to stop and of cultures being built or being destroyed by this.

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Ana Maria Ispasoiu
Grade 9 student
Ana Maria Ispasoiu is a Cambridge School of Bucharest student in grade 9. She speaks about her new IT program about the periodic system of chemical elements. Most people think of Chemistry in terms of symbols and figures and numbers, but Ana presents a different, soothing perspective on Chemistry.

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Dragos Chiscoci
Booking & Event Manager, EMagic Romania
Dragos Chiscoci is the Booking& Event Director of EMagic Romania and he advocates for diversity and creativity: excellence is not something to become, is something to do. We should try and be different and be spontaneous and do what we like and make excellence happen.

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Sabina Ulubeanu
Composer, Co-artistic Director "InnerSound" New Arts Music Festival Romania
Sabina Ulubeanu is a music composer, Co-Artistic Director of InnerSound New Arts Festival in Romania speaking to us about the importance of music and creation as a part of life: no art and no form of life can exist without being created from both silence and sound, pause and movement.

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Walid Abboud
Co-founder and Owner of A&D Pharma Romania
Walid Abboud is a successful business man, Co-owner and founder of A&D Pharma, a pharmaceutical group in Romania. Absurd is intrinsic to human life. Human beings have the capacity to grow in any environment and thus they also have the capacity to change and adapt; and yet, somehow, in most of the cases, we are still surprised by the absurd and paradoxes of life.

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